Radio & TV Broadcasting

This class will produce a 10-minute, daily news/entertainment television show that will be broadcast to the entire student body, faculty, and staff every day. The purpose of our telecast, the Spartan Edition, is to inform students of newsworthy events at TJ and it’s surrounding community, to promote school activities and programs, and to present this and other information in an entertaining and professional manner that will help to build a stronger and better-informed TJ community.

This class operates just like a news department of a television station. We must produce an excellent product for publication every day of the school year. Therefore, students must be on time, enthusiastic, hardworking, and conscientious.

Required Forms: Action items! You and your parent/guardian must open these and electronically sign/acknowledge critical information.

CTE Radio-TV Broadcasting Course Requirements Model Release Equipment Usage Agreement

CCTM Code of Conduct

The Assignment Board

Spartan Edition Jobs/Duties

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