We have a unique opportunity with the alternate schedule for PARCC testing, and I believe our class needs a shakeup. We will meet three times and each class in two hours long. We are going away from our regular short and long video project assignments, and will be doing something different for the PARCC testing days.

- For the three class periods, we will have Productions Teams of two or three people. If you totally want to, you can work solo, but no four person groups.
- Each of the three class periods, your team will complete a video by the end of that class period. (Three total classes = three total videos)
- You need to pick one video to complete from each of the three categories below.

*End of the year reminders for Seniors - There is a lot going on right at the end of your high school run. Who better to make a reminder video for other seniors than you seniors?
*Start of the year reminders for Seniors - Now that you are almost done, what advice would you have for next year’s seniors? We would play this video next August.
*Professional message to the next Principal - You are such a unique class. You guys are the only class that had “two” principals. From the student’s perspective, what are things you think TJ’s new boss should know?

*Welcome to TJ - This would be a generic (no faces) video, which would show off our great school. You would want to focus on the front of the school and maybe even mix in drone footage of the school.
*Professional Spartan Edition (no faces) Intro – heavy on graphics and text - We have always needed an Intro for the Spartan Edition. Not showing any faces as anchors change etc, but making sure people know through text that the show is “Student produced” “Student run,” etc.
*CCT Commercial - Make a video to promote our Center for Communication Technology program

*Music Video - Forget about copy write. Make a fun music video with whatever music you want!
*Sketch Comedy Remake (must be pre-approved) - Key and Peele, Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle, there is a lot of funny sketch comedy out there. Remake one of your favorites. This video MUST BE PRE-APPROVED.
*Short Film - Create, write, produce your own short film. The concept for this video must also be PRE_APPROVED.