--------------------------------------- Classroom Rules and Procedures -----------------------------------
1. Walk in, Log in, and be ready for instruction - "Show Me 5."

2. Chairs with wheels stay with the workstation they are "assigned" to. They are never to be rolled around.

3. Leave the "hardware" alone. Removal or unplugging of any wire or cable is considered hacking. Hacking = dismissal from the class.

4. If your screen is "Locked" leave it locked. You may know how to unlock it, but it is locked for a reason.

5. Do not touch the computer screens.

6. Files need to be named [ Per_Lastname_Assignmentname ] Example: Joe Spartan is in period 9 and has to turn in an assignment called "TJPride". ( 9_Spartan_TJPride )

7. No games EVER. It does not matter where you are with the current project, games are NEVER allowed in room 104. Not even educational games. No, not even at lunch.

8. Cell phones? Hear them or see them in your hands, and I take them.

Respect. Respect yourself. Respect me. Respect your classmates. Respect the classroom. Respect the educational process.

Video Production

Camera Checkout:
1. During Class: Sign the camera out on the clipboard. Overnight Checkout: Fill out the Overnight Equipment Online Form

Tripod/Monopod/Slider Checkout:
These items CANNOT be checked out overnight.

Exporting Video (Turning Video Projects in) - Format must be in H.264