Introduction to the Center for Communication Technology Course Description and Syllabus
Instructors: Eileen Adair and Grant Laman
Phone: 720-423-7103, 720-423-7070
Rooms: Rm. 109, Rm. 104

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Overview: This course will give students an introduction to Journalism, Mass Media, and Digital Media Arts. The course will also provide the computer skills necessary for the various productions and publications at TJ. Material to be covered includes but is not limited to: desktop publishing, graphics, video and audio editing, web design, programming, photography, 3D animation, technical writing, blogging, and formal and informal presentations. Students must complete a portfolio based on coursework, and obtain the instructor recommendations in order to be considered for further classes in the CCT program.

Materials: $40 Lab Fee. The lab fee is for equipment used in our curriculum that is not covered by the district. The equipment includes but is not limited to: camcorders, headphones, microphones, videotape, computer wiring, and overall computer maintenance. If any student cannot afford the lab fee, see Mr. Spampinato, CCT department chair, for a waiver.

Much work will be done on computers, however, it is necessary for you to bring school supplies (writing utensils, notebook, flashdrive, etc) with you every day.

Student Expectations: Students are expected to be a successful part of the CCT program. Students must be in class and on time every day. Work missed because of excused absences can be made up according to school policy.

Policies: Instructors will follow school policies for attendance, tardies, grades and electronic devices.

I understand and will abide by these course requirements for Intro to CCT 2014-15.

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Introduction to the Center for Communication Technology

Programs/Concepts Covered

Semester 1

Unit 1: Human Communication/Web Log (Blog) creation

Software: none

Topics: Human Communication components, process, public speaking, and blogging.

Unit 2: Introduction to Macintosh – Computer Basics

Software: Mac OS

Topics: basic operation

Unit 3: Desktop Publishing

Software: Adobe InDesign

Topics: basic layout & design, captions and headlines

Unit 4: Graphics

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Topics: software basics, including selection of various photo elements, photo alteration and/or correction, animation, and logo design

Unit 5: 3D Animation

Software: Google Sketchup

Topics: basic creation of 3D shapes, texture, and modeling

Semester 2

Unit 6: Programming

Software: Adobe Flash, Scratch

Topics: basic creation, programming, and animation; overview of software, including main tools, functions, and keyframing

Unit 7: Photography

Software: Photoshop

Topics: basic rules and styles of photography, critiquing photos

Unit 8: Web Design

Software: Text Edit, HTML coding

Topics: text alignment and colors; creating links, inserting images, and general layout and website construction

Unit 9: Multimedia

Software: Audacity, Soundtrack, Final Cut Express

Topics: basic multimedia terminology, audio and video editing