There will be much more information to come. For now, work on the Form below. Make sure to follow the directions "inside" the form!

Documentary Form #1

Your Documentary Must Include:
...a minimum length of 00:00:04:00
...a minimum of four interviews, a minimum of two interviews recorded by you

Read this article for recording interviews...
Interview Techniques - The art of the video interview.

Then complete this Answer Form...

Documentary Form #2

It is time, you must lock in and pick the idea you will be working on for your documentary. Complete Form #3

Documentary Form #3

Now that you have your idea, have a "focus" question and a purpose for your documentary (complete Form #3 if first if you have not), you need to come up with and list your questions for your interview.

Documentary Form #4

Video #16 - "News Magazine Package" - DUE 5/18/15

Length: 00:04:00:00 (at least four minutes)
Description: We have been working toward this assignment all semester. As you should know, your video documentary should ANSWER A QUESTION(S) WITH A PURPOSE! You will need to have at least four interviews, B-roll, VO, some type of graphics, and music. You cannot violate any copyright rules in this project, so you will not be able to use licensed music.
Pre-Production Requirements: Nothing new. You should have already completed Documentary Form #1, Documentary Form #2, Documentary Form #3, and Documentary Form #4. (all are also listed above on this page) You should have also already completed your Interview rough video edit, as well as your B-roll rough video edit. This assignment was set up for you to work on it in steps. If you have been following those steps, the rest of the assignment should not be very time consuming.
Production Requirements: Include all of the necessary pieces for this assignment.
Post-Production Requirements: Add in all of the package elements using your knowledge of the Final Cut Pro X software, and make an outstanding documentary that you are proud of.
Distribution Requirements: Name your project "3_lastname_Documentary" Export your project as .mov file with the H.264 video codec settings. Then, turn your 3_lastname_Documentary file into the Grant Laman Dropbox.