Denver Public Schools
Students in Denver Public Schools will comply with the following standards when involved in video production for classroom assignments or other school-related activities.
  • No glorification of drug, alcohol, or tobacco use/abuse
  • No use or glorification of illegal firearms, bombs, or other lethal weapons
  • No profanity, violence, or sexually explicit materials
  • No nudity (partial or full) or inappropriately revealing clothing
  • No inappropriate or demeaning slang
  • No gang-related slang, hand gesturing, or related clothing
  • No statement or inference that undermine or attacks Denver Public Schools policies, practices, personnel, students, or community members.
  • No negative portrayal of any gender or race, any ethnic, political, disability, or religious group, or any individual's sexual orientation.
  • All students involved in video production shall consider themselves representatives of Denver Public Schools and should dress, speak, and present themselves in a professional matter.