Vocab Terms for Fall 2014

UNIT 1 - VIDEO 101
pre-production - The first phase of video production. Any and all activities that occur before the cameras begin recording.
production - The second phase of video production. The actual shooting, recording, and or capturing of video.
post-production - The third phase of video production. Any and all activities that occur after the cameras have stopped recording. Including sequencing, editing, graphics, sound effects and music.
distribution - The fourth and final phase of video production. Delivering the final project in the right format and to the proper outlets.
program proposal - The very first step in video production. A document created by the scriptwriter in order to "pitch" the general idea to the person/people that need to give approval for further pre-production to begin
storyboard - Takes place after the program proposal has been approved. Sketches that represent the plan and sequencing of elements involved in the video production.
production meeting - A meeting with the entire production crew in which the producer/director lays out the key concepts for the project. Pre-production, production, and post-production tasks are assigned.
editing - The process of placing individual clips in a logical order. (Sequencing) Editing also includes adding transitions, filters, text, music and sound effects.
export - The process of sending the completed project for proper distribution.
DVD - Digital Video Disc - An optical disc that can store large amounts of video data.

angle– The precise viewpoint from which something is observed.
POV– Point of View. An angle in which the camera assumes a subject’s view and thus the viewers see what the subject sees. (1st person)
pan– A camera pivot, moving the lens horizontally. Pan left. Pan right.
tilt– A camera pivot, moving the lens vertically. Tilt up. Tilt down.
zoom– Technically this isn’t a camera move, but a change in lens focal length which gives the illusion of moving the camera closer or further away. Zoom in. Zoom out.
truck– A camera movement that is parallel to the set. Truck left. Truck right.
dolly– A camera movement toward or away from the set. Dolly in. Dolly out.
dolly zoom– A combination camera move which makes the foreground images stay the same while the background elements grow or shrink. (also one of your assignments)
glide track– A track system that allows for smooth camera movements. (Dolly, Truck)
shaky cam– Rough, bouncy, camera movements. Used intentionally for a dramatic effect. When used unintentionally, its just bad production. (aka – fire hose, jitter cam, hand held)
shot sheet– A numerical listing of each shot to be captured during production.

white light – A mixture of all colors at the same intensity.
white balance – Calibrates the camera for accurate color display in different lighting conditions. Should be performed prior to any recording.
Planck’s Law– An equation to find and apply the different temperatures of light.
3200K– Indoor color balance. Tungsten balanced.
5600K– Outdoor color balance. Daylight balanced.
key– An effect in which a portion of the picture is electronically removed and replaced with another source.
chrominance– The color portion of the video signal, which includes the hue and saturation.
chroma key– An effect in which a specific color is blocked from the video source.
luminance – A measure of the brightness of a video image
luminance key– An effect in which a specific brightness is blocked from the video source.

Element Rule #1– Stick to thick.
Element Rule #2– Concentrate on contrast
Element Rule #3– 3 by 3. Never use more than 3 lines of text, and all elements need to be on screen for at least 3 seconds.
Element Rule #4– Motion is a must.
GRFX – Production jargon for “graphics.” All of the artwork seen in a production including titles, logos, and even still images.
OTS – Production jargon which stands for “over the shoulder.” In a news broadcast OTS is a location to place graphics while a story is being reported.
title safe – Term used in video production to describe areas of the picture in which titles can be seen while avoiding distortion.
action safe – Term used in video production to describe areas of the picture in which action can be seen while avoiding distortion.