Video #3 - "Basic Action"

Length: 00:01:00:00 minimum
Description: You will take a "Basic Action" that you choose/traded for/or had approved, and turn it into an epic production that is the opposite of "Basic." Your concept is "Basic" but you should find a compelling way to tell a short story about your concept. You are required to use at least 20 different camera angles/shots in this project.
Pre-Production Requirements: First, you must complete the Basic Action Project Proposal and have it approved. You will need to complete a Shot Sheet BEFORE your begin production. (Click the link - download the Shot Sheet, then rename and save to YOUR drive as per_lastname_BasicActionSS - share it with me once you have filled in your 20 shots)
Production Requirements: As is the entire point with this project, you must use a Shot Sheet while recording. Your Shot Sheet document should be called "3_lastname_SSBasicAction" Remember, you need to get a black storyboard in your DPS Google Drive, rename it, and also "share" it with me.
Post-Production Requirements: If you have been following along, then you know that you must include a minimum of 20 different camera angles/shots for this project.
Distribution Requirements:Name your project "3_lastname_Basic" Export your project as .mov file with the H.264 video codec settings. Then, add your "3_lastname_Basic" project to your DPS Google Drive, and share it with me. (ask me and or see the board to make sure you have the correct Google account for Mr. Laman)

Basic Action Examples (must be logged into your DPS Google Account to view)