Follow your teacher's guided instructions for setting up a Writing Prompt Google Doc

Writing Prompt #1 - 8/22/17
Welcome to the CCT Magnet program! Before we get started on our various units, we’d like for you to use your new Writing Prompt Google Doc to create a brief (5-7 complete and grammatically correct sentences) overview of your experience with technology thus far. Feel free to include the names of software you’ve encountered, projects you’ve completed, or anything else you’d like to share with us. This will allow us to get a handle on your current level of comfort with technology before proceeding with our curriculum.
  • Make sure to use a title and clearly indicate "Writing Prompt #1 - 8/22/17" on your Google Doc
  • Your Google Doc should be called; Per_Lastname_WritingPrompts (example: 5_Smith_WritingPrompts)
  • Remember, you will use this one document for all writing prompts for the entire school year. You only need to share it "correctly" once.